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Wicked Shirts Coming Soon.

It has been a pleasure to work Tyler Clark from Wicked Grafixx on developing some new

crew shirts as well as T shirts. Tyler has done some amazing artwork for most of the

top teams in today’s motor sports and it has been great having him work with us to

develop our new team shirts as well as T shirts for the fans.


I can’t tell you just how thrilled I am with the work from Wicked Grafixx.

They say they are the “Baddest Shirts in Drag Racing”,  I have to agree.  


Here are some sneak peeks at the artwork Tyler has done for us.

You can see his work on Face Book or on his Web Site:

Please note that all artwork is property of Wicked Grafixx and Gary Urlacher.







T-Shirt Back                      T Shirt Front

Crew Shirt Front    Crew Shirt Back  


Red Deer Speed and Custom Show - Mar 18-20/11

We are going to display the car at the Red Deer Speed and Custom Show.

The car is featured on the cover of the program and will be front row center

at the event.   Come on down March 18 - 20 and support Motor Sports.









Feb 2011


The spare motor has been fitted, the Bruno Lenco is complete and installed.

All the wiring is done,  Carbon Shaft fits, CO2 system gone by by.

All the needed equipment to meet GSA rules is done. 

Just need to do some work on the trailer and golf cart and we are ready for testing.




Jan - Shaping up for 2011


Things are in progress for 2011.  The car configuration (driveline) is completely different from 2010.

The new transmission has been overhauled,  the carbon fiber drift shaft is in progress,

the rewiring for the transmission is %95 complete.  Just need to figure out what gear combination

we want to start with in the transmission. There are a fair number of safety upgrades required

in the GSA rules for 2011. Most of these are complete but a couple are still in progress and

will be ready in time for testing.


Still have to mount our spare motor we have now and make sure the fit and finish is done and ready

in case we need to use it this year.

The hood scoop is in for repair thanks to an operator malfunction.  OOPS.



Our 2011 schedule is filling up very quick.  June will be a busy month this year

with 4 big events back to back.  Shall be interesting.




Dec - Jim's Big Day

Jim (Crew chief) is celebrating a very big birthday.

I would like to comment on his age but I better not. LOL

Happy Birthday Buddy.









 Converter wins - Dec 2010

Have decided to go with a Bruno / Lenco set up










The musi is on the market again. - Oct 2010

I guess I am having trouble making up my mind. Sell or keep.

I was going to keep it as a spare becouse it is a great motor and trouble free.

I got an chance to get the twin to the 787 so that is what I am trying to do.

This motor was purchased in July 2009 from Pat Musi and has less than

20 nitrous passes on it.   Check it out in the FOR SALE section.



Converter or Clutch

Have to decide on a direction for 2011.

We are thinking we should go with a 4 speed standard for 2011.

Having the adjustment available on a clutch can make the difference on

getting down a race track or not.  Converters are cheaper and less work

but I am not convinced they offer the same tuning capabilities found in

clutch cars.  I see a 4 speed Lenco with a 3 disk ram clutch in our future. 


Vegas date is getting closer

Off to Vegas for the November 20th weekend to support

a bunch of our fellow racers from the West Coast Promods

who are participating in the Street Car Super Nationals. 

There are loads of heavy hitters attending this race

including the one and only Pat Musi.

We will be helping our good friends from Hogenson Racing

with their 63 promod vette and their newly installed 864ci

5.3" bore space super motor.



The 787ci monster motor is installed.

Sept 20/10

Most eveything is complete but we have decided to get

new headers built instead of tweeking the old ones. 

We are saving them for the 632 (spare motor).

Jerry Bickel's group of guys are building them next week

so we should have them mid October. 




 New pictures added - Sept 12/10

New pictures added to the gallery section in 2010


Time to swap

The engine change over has started. 

Time to install what was known as T2.





2010 Is done

Wow,  this year went by so quick it seems.

I have been asked to participate in a large event in Las Vegas in November

but I do not think I will be ready.

This week we are pouring the seat pad that will be required for next year

and we want to start installing the new engine.  There will be lots of fit adn finish work required

for the new engine.  I think I will go to watch this year. 


Did a little damage

We did a run in Saskatoon that got a little out of shape.

Did a pedel job and it made things worse.  Broke the wish bone

on the rear suspension and did some rocker damage.  

Damaged one of the rear breaks.  I guess we will not

put out foot into it if it is out of shape.  Not worth it.

Kept it in our lane but it was a hand full.



Had a blast in Saskatoon

Went to Saskatoon and did some exhibition passes at SIR for their Alcohol

shoot out.   Had a great time.  The track staff and fans are great and treated us

very well.  The track was a bit slick and most all the exhibition cars were

working hard to make a strait pass.  

I got out of shape on a pass and I am thinking I broke a rear axle.

Videos are posted on the gallery of this site, have a look.




Canadian National Diesel Shoot Out

JB's Power Centre has invited us to make some exhibition passes at

their event tomorrow (August 14th).   Of course we are happy to participate

in this event and also get to see the NHRDA National event

participants. Thank you for the invite,  we shall see you then.


Come check it out.  Maybe we can race a diesel truck??

Why not,  some of  them have nitrous as well..






Great People in this sport.

I can't say enough about how some people stand out in this sport

as the ultimate in sportsman and how does one ever repay

them for their actions.

Hot August night was one of our largest events that we

were very much looking forward to participating in. 

We got set up and had time to spare.

Upon going to warm up the car for our first match race against

Wade Sjostrom and his Beautiful 57 Chev blown Promod,

our car would not fire.  After trouble shooting we determined that our ignition box

had self destructed.  The bad part is that we did not have a spare as these failures are not common.

Other bad news was the fact that the box we use is not to common except for in Promod and Prostock

so there were no spares at the track. 


Dale Bristow (a fellow racer from Edmonton) went out of his way to help us out.

He packed up,  drove home,  took his box out of his race car that was sitting there and returned to the track

so we could get up and running to make our scheduled pass later that night.

He gave up his time, watching the race and some fuel to help out a fellow racer in need.

How-ever can I repay you Dale for what you did,   I truly hope there is a time when I can return such a favor.

The best part is that his box did the job and the car fired right up.


We ran a 6.902 on a .003 reaction time.   It was a nice pass yet not strait at all. 

 We followed the Jet cars and it was a tad slick.  If it was a strait pass, 

it would have been a 6.8?.


Thanks again Dale for your help and allowing us to make that much wanted pass that night.









The Date Is Set!

The date to pick up the 787 Cubic Inch monster motor is set.

The beginning of Sept will be exciting - Then the change over begins. 








Not exactly as shown.

Hot August Night Coming Up

Wednesday Aug 11th - Castrol Raceway

This is one of Castrol's largest events of the year.

One of if not the largest Jet car show in western Canada.

We are booked in to match race against a local buddy who

has a really nice Blown (Super Charged) Promod.

It will be a Nitrous Vs Blower - Promod match race

Cheer for the one you like most. 

Should be lots of fun.  Lets hope for some nice weather.


Racing Days are numbered for 2010 - You should go to this one!!

Medicine Hat Promod Event

Saturday the weather was great.  Made 3 qualifying passes and got into the field.

Drove through the converter so we are going to have to pull that out and tighten it up

before we can run a desired ET. Sunday eliminations were rained out.   

The West Coast Promod Association is made up of some

really great people and it is a very professional organization.  

Glad to be a part of it. 



Got Some Press

Drag Race Canada did up a nice write up on the car from the Rocky Mtn Nationals.

Check it out.



Going to the hat

Going to race with the West Coast Promods this weekend in Medicine Hat.

They are having their big Promod weekend and we were invited to be

apart of that and are thrilled to do so.

The Musi is for sale

Our Pat Musi power plant is up for sale.   I will count the runs on it and make up the add.

keep checking our FOR SALE section for details.   With the 787 in the works,  we can't keep both.

It is a great motor that can get my 2500 LB car down the track in about the 6.8s or so.

Very few nitrous hits on it.  No problems of any kind with it.  Just going bigger.



Promodified in our sights

The game plan all along was to run the car in Promodified (Promod).

Top Sportsman is a stepping stone for us to get a handle on the car

and to have some fun.   Other than the Rocky Mountain Nationals in

Edmonton,  there are no Top Sportsman events.  Edmonton's Top Eliminator Club

is a close as it gets.  As much as the Top Eliminator Club is a great organization

for people to compete in,  it is not what we were geared up for nor is

it really the kind of racing we enjoy most. Give us a heads up pro-tree deal

and we are in our zone.   Qualifying on reaction time is something

we are very new to and it seems to be something that is very hard

to do without the experience of the pro's that we find within this club.


The 787ci -4 stage nitrous monster.


The time has come and we have made the commitment to move into Promodified.  

There is a 787ci Promod motor coming our way and we should implement that this coming winter.  

Testing in Vegas in March has been talked about. We have some dear friends in the West Coast Promodifieds

who have been suggesting that we go race with them and after almost a year of those suggestions,  we

decided to make the change.  


This year we will finish the year off with the 632ci Musi motor and get it to our goal of a 6.8 pass and we think this is possible.

Lots of people can't believe that we got our 2550LB car to do a 7.0 with a 632 - Powerglide but what they do not know is that there is more in

this motor than we have used as yet.


In the switch to the big inch promod deal,  we will find a way to make simple changes to switch between Promod and Top Sportsman.

Stay tuned for test reslults from our 632 going on steroids..

The 2010 Rocky Mtn Nationals were a blast

We had such a great time at this event.   It was a pleasure to race with so many great people.

We made it into the elite 8 and did some heads up racing with a 4/10 sec pro tree.

This is our kind of racing and we are not very up on the use of todays delay boxed etc.

We stepped up the program by turning on the first stage of nitrous and out of the gate, the

car ran a 7.06 at 193mph.  The following few runs we  had a bit of trouble with the tune up

but sorted it out.  In flowing the fuel we were using a smaller jet than we should have and

this slowed the car to a 7.3 second deal.   Our goal then was to get the same number 3 times in a row

and we did.

 We qualified #1 in our class for the weekend.  Great times,  Great People.

Many thanks to the staff of Castrol Raceway and the great people of the IHRA.

Results on Rocky Mtn Nationals coming soon.

Wall tags are out... 


New Rocky Mountain Nationals videos

Check them out under the gallery section. 


Wall Taggz coming soon.

Wall Taggz are removable decals that come in 12" (that is car size).

Each Wall Tagg has 1 removable decal plus one collector Taggz. The removable

consist of the car the car info and the background.

You can put them on your wall and remove them without any damage to paint or wall paper.

Who knows,  Maybe they stick to your fridge!

June 16th - Getting Ready for the big one... 

The 2010 IHRA Rocky Mountain Nationals are just around the corner.

Looking forward to participating this year as all the events in the past I have just been a spectator.

There are lots of people coming out to support our team.

Can't wait to see everyone.  Hope we have some good weather.


Come on down. June 25, 26, 27

Castrol Raceway - Edmonton Alberta Canada


June 11,12 - Medicine Hat Dragway

It was a licensing weekend for me and made my required passes for the Advanced ET license from NHRA.

The track had a wicked bump in the left lane at half track that got my rear wheels

right off the ground. A funny car hit that bump and went right in to the

center and took out the timing cones. We all thought that the two funny

cars touched because it was that close. The right lane made the car

go toward to center as well at the 1000ft mark.  I had to abort that run.

The shut down area was a bit ruff as well for me.  Locked up the rear

breaks and bounced the car to a stop (just in time).


Photo courtesy of Bernie Frey

A funny car was not so lucky and bounced his car far into the grass

past the last turn off. Needless to say,  we got the job done anywayand sat out Sunday because of the track.

Hey,  If it is not fun, why bother if you

are not getting paid to do so.  I must say that the air there is good.  You can make some power there. 

Had our best 60ft times. My guess is that track is 1/10 sec faster than our home track.

That is a lot at these speeds. They are going to be grinding the track I heard.  Then it will be great..

We watched my neighbor run his car making a 5.7sec pass.


Not bad for a spare motor I'd say.



June 9th Off to an NHRA event

Almost ready for the Top Alcohol Shoot Out in Medicine Hat Alberta.

A good friend and neighbor is competing with his 5 second top alcohol dragster and we are tagging along

to make some 7 second passes with our hot rod.

Lets all wish Greg and Elaine Sereda the best of luck with their "Gone Plum Crazy" Top alcohol dragster.

This was to be a licensing event for us but the NHRA have approved previous passes and we are off to play.




June 5th and 6th weekend 

Weather was good (for a change).  Did some OK passes on the saturday.  The right lane was slick for me.

Spun the tires every pass, had to get out of it then back on it.

Sunday was to be a nitrous day and the starter on the car went when we wanted to do the morning warm up.

It seemed like it was going away on the Saturday as well.


We rebuilt the starter and were able to make some fun passes that afternoon.

Had a bit of a match race with a racer buddy - lots of fun.


May 30 - New items

New items in the for sale section.  Have a look.

May 30 - Snow  

It was to be a weekend of testing to get into a low 7 or high 6 needed for Medicine Hat in a couple of weeks.

Not going to be the case.  Snow both Saturday and Sunday.


May 29 - Old Camaro stikes again.

Allan who bought the Camaro entered it into a car show in Mississauga Ont. on its way home to Nova Scotia.

The car got 3 first place awards. Best Engine, Best Paint and Show Favorite.

Congrads to you on your winnings.   I knew that car would do well and even in transit with an unplanned show it does well.


Great Job Allan.




May 15,16 Race Weekend 

Interesting weekend,  all our effort this far has been getting the car sorted out.  Not worrying about "cutting a good light".

This weekend proved success.   We ran our predicted number bang on EVERY pass.  We progressively went faster when others

were slowing down do to the change in air.   Our MPH went up with every pass yet out predicted ET was BANG ON THE NUMBER.

We are now able to focus on the tree and it will not take long and we will be winning some races.

The car is now up to its target ET on motor alone (no spray) yet I feel there is more in it.  

I have to change some rear suspension geometry as there is room for improvement in that area. Although the car is consistent, this is an area

that needs slight change. 


Had some fun with burn outs.   This is part of a longer term plan of some charity work we have so you fellow racers thinking that

we do long burnouts when we do not need to are not understanding something we are cooking down the road.


The car is a big hit with the kids.  That is what it is all about in my books.   We race to have fun when others only focus seems to be on winning.

That is great but having fun and making kids smile is just a rewarding as winning some prize money in my books.



May 1 testing came and went.

Wow, what fun it was.  The weather was not great and it rained on Sunday just as we

were one car away from the burn out box.  Straped in, ready to go and rain YAY.

Made some motor only passes on Saturday and then forgot to step up the launch RPM

so 7.7 was the number.  Boy,  As soon as the light went green I knew I had forgot to reset the

rev limitor and that is all I thought about.

Oh well,  there is always the next weekend.

At least we are having some fun.   

Photo courtesy of Amanda Grasby

and the good people at TAGGZ

collector cards

Ready for testing - April 28,2010

Assuming it stops raining, we are ready for testing this weekend in Edmonton.

Made a few changes to the car besides looks and it shoud make a big differance.

Just need to pack the car in the trailer and we are ready to go.  

Should get a chance to try out the new awning on the trailer.  Seems to be OK to set up.

We are planning on watching the street legal this Friday and camping out to be ready for May 1 rain or testing.

Wish us luck


Posing for Powerama April 2010

The Edmonton Sun had a special sunshine girl for April 23, 2010

to help promote the 2010 Powerama Motor Expo car show.

It was a thrill being asked to provide the car to be used for the shoot.

Here is the link to the Edmonton Sun.



The time came to let go - April 2010

Almost 28 years has gone by with this car being a part of my life.  I always said 

"I will never sell it".  I am told to never say never.

I could not be happier in knowing the person who now ones my first "Hot Rod"

will be taking good care of it.   To Allan and his wife I say enjoy.  

The car was picked up early this week and is on its way to Nova Scotia as we speak.

The funny thing is,  on its way to its new home,  it is making a stop in Mississauga Ont.

as it is booked into a car show.   I can't wait to hear the out come of that. 

Good luck Allan, I am sure it will bring home a big award or two.



April 2010

Joined the Top Eliminator Club in Edmonton.

Some of the nicest people I have met.  Will be fun to race with them. 

Great People, Great fun. 

Come check them out at a race track near you. 

It's Back - Mar 2010

Yesterday was an exciting day as the car was ready for pick up from Baker Boyz Designs. 

I can't say enough about how much work these people put in to this paint to make it one of a kind. 

Each and every skull are air brushed so no two are the same.  You have to spend time

looking at each of them as they all have their own personality.

We would like to say a warm felt "Thank You" to all the staff at Baker Boyz who worked on this

project.  Your efforts will not go unnoticed. 


Thinking of change - Jan 2010

Thinking of changing out the glide  for a 3 speed Lencodrive.  If anyone has one on the market,  I am interested in it.

**************************2009 ******************************

Time to let go - Dec 2009

After over 20 years,  it is time to sell of my first hot rod.

My Camaro has always been "My Baby" so to speak.  It has and still is a car that people talk about.

From pictures in race parts advertisements to calendars  and car show program centerfolds,  We have to say goodbye.

Due to the growing expense of racing in the class we are moving into, I can't afford to keep this car any longer.

It is time for someone else to enjoy the thrills that come with this car.

From winning car shows to causing people to stop at green lights to have a look,   It will be missed.

Please check out the for sale section of this site for details.


 Project awning 2010 - Oct 2009

After pricing out “Pro Awnings”,  I thought maybe I should just build my own.

Not as simple as it seems but should work out OK in the end.

Looking forward to having it complete for the May test session 2010.

Thought it would be best to get a jump on it for next year since the weather is OK.






Getting a new look - Oct 2009

It was time to dress the car up for a new look.  We dropped it off at Baker Boyz Designs in South Edmonton.

Shane and Jim Baker are doing their handy work.   We wanted something fairly simple at this

point but what we are going to get far exceeds our expectation.

You guys are going to make some heads turn once again.

Can't wait.



The 2009 race season is a thing of the past. - Sept 2009

We got the car all assembled and made a few test passes.

Things are going well.  Car got into the 7 second range on motor

and we are planning on adding the nitrous within the first couple of runs in the spring.

Planning on some high 6 second passes in 2010.